Revenue Management Outsourcing

We provide professional services for the hotel industry, including outsourcing in the field of revenue management. Thanks to cooperation with us, your hotel will gain professional sales support in all distribution channels used in the hotel industry.

Working with us also saves both time and money. As part of our activity, we will manage all online distribution channels (booking portals, wholesalers, GDSy, hotel website), thanks to which the employees of your facility will be able to focus on professional customer service.

We will also advise you which software and applications will allow you to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Internet and online sales while automating sales and booking processes, which will facilitate the work of the reception and booking department and will avoid many problems such as overbooking.

Finally, the most important – we will prepare strategies that take into account the principles of revenue management and the specificity of your hotel, which will allow you to maximize profit and we will manage the prices of your hotel services on an ongoing basis so that they are always at an optimal level.

It all costs much less than a full-time sales employee.

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We are one of the few companies on the Polish market that provide this type of service. We start each cooperation with an audit, the purpose of which is to diagnose the current situation of the facility in terms of sales policy. We define the strengths and weaknesses of the facility, and then prepare a detailed schedule of activities aimed at improving the basic revenue indicators and profitability indicators of the facility.

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