Kompleksowy usługi dla branży hotelarskiej

Profesjonalne usługi dla branży hotelarskiej związane z zarządzaniem obiektami noclegowymi, outsourcingiem w zakresie revenue management’u oraz organizacją konferencji i kongresów.



Long long time ago…
Our adventure with the hotel industry begins at a time when reservations were received and confirmed by fax … Seriously 🙂 Some of you are probably checking in a popular browser what was a fax and what was it for?
It wasn’t that long ago, but the hotel industry has changed dramatically at that time and is changing all the time.

Present times…
For a long time, the hotel industry, or at least most of it, was convinced that it was enough to open a hotel in a good location, hire a good photographer, sign a contract with one of the most popular booking portals
and be sure to succed. It may have been so for a while, but all good things come to an end quickly.

As time went on, more and more hotels were opening up in an equally good location and with equally beautiful pictures of rooms. As if that was not enough, the costs are rising like crazy, it is difficult to find competent employees who can afford us
and this pandemic …

Someone once said that time cannot be recovered, but you can stop wasting it. And someone else, equally wise, added – let’s stop dreaming, let’s start planning.

To prepare a good and effective plan, you must first carefully measure, calculate and analyze everything. After that, it is enough to stick to the plan, skillfully using the experience, knowledge and available tools.
This is what we do.